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Pokemon Go- On the Apple Watch

Paige Patchen

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The famous game that everyone is talking about is going to the Apple Watch! That’s right, Pokemon Go has been blowing up the internet since it’s release date, from different phone brands of phones to the Apple Watch .This could cause more people to buy the Apple Watch, which could mean that Apple could be getting more profit. I asked Megan, an 8th grade student at CV, what her thoughts were about Pokemon Go.

Me: “Do you like Pokemon Go?”

Megan: “No.

Me: “Why?”

Megan: “People are way too addicted to it.

Me: “What do you think would stop people’s addiction?”

Megan: “If the app wasn’t even out.

Me: “What is your response to Pokemon Go being released to the Apple Watch?”

Megan: “I think more people are going to get hurt.


The Apple Watch straps onto your arm making it “easier” to look at that enticing screen. This is why I think Pokemon Go will be a big hit for The Apple Watch.

The Pokemon Go account on Instagram caused the fans to go crazy after confirming the app going to the Watch. While the date for this app going to the Watch is still unknown, people will still be waiting for Pokemon to be in the App Store!

The company “Niantic” is the company that made Pokemon Go. Recently the app has been loosing it’s popularity. To be exact 79% of it’s playing population! The possible reasons for this, is because of the server issues, updates, and battery drainage. This could cause Niantic to lose money, but maybe the Apple Watch will help their situation, but only time will tell!

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Pokemon Go- On the Apple Watch